Share Tables Come to District #1

All Williston Public School District #1 elementary schools have implemented “Share Tables” in their lunch rooms. Students can donate their uneaten opened packaged items, such as milk, juice, yogurt, packaged sunflower seeds, fruit with a peel to a sharing bin, and other students who are still hungry may select foods from the bin during the lunch hour.

Our Share Tables have started in conjunction with a USDA effort to eliminate waste from school lunch programs nationwide. Leftover items will be donated to the Salvation Army.

Guidelines for Share Tables at Williston Public School District #1

To ensure the process of Share Table usage goes smoothly, we have established the following guidelines:

  • Items that can  be placed on the sharing table:
    • Unopened milk
    • Juice boxes
    • Pre-packed items such as apple slices, pineapple pals, packed snack items, cereal bowls, string cheese, yogurt, whole fruit that needs to be peeled, frozen fruit cups

  • Food items that cannot be place on the sharing table:
    • Items that are not pre-packaged, such as sandwiches
    • Fruit that doesn’t need to peeled (apples, pears, grapes, kiwi, etc.)
    • Food brought from home

  • An adult staff member must monitor the table and assure that shared food has not been opened, partially eaten, and the package is in sound condition. The table or cart must be placed before the tray disposal line.  

  • Students are encouraged to place unwanted food onto the sharing table before sitting down to eat to prevent potential contamination.

  • The sharing table will only be available during meal service times. Food must be consumed during meal periods.

  • Milk, yogurt, and string cheese must be placed inside coldmaster pan or on ice sheets.

  • The sharing table items are for students only, not adults.

  • Sharing table items are for all students.  Students with special diets must be aware that donated items may contain allergens.

  • A sign with directions for students will be posted at the share table.

  • All items from the sharing table must be returned to the kitchen at the end of the day. Sharing table food must not be mixed with unsold foods. Refrigerated foods will be disposed of at the end of the day. Shelf stable foods will be send to the Central Kitchen for disbursement to Salvation Army or another similar program.

Published: February 12, 2018


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The deadline to order is Friday, September 21st.While this purchase is completely optional, there will be “spirit days” at Rickard where students will be encouraged to dress in Rickard colors. These shirts are extremely helpful on field trips and other events where Rickard Elementary is represented.Parents can also order at: Rickard’s School ID number is 3797.
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May 11, 2018Dear Parents, Teachers, Building Occupants, and Employee Organizations:
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Online registration for returning students begins March 22, 2018. Williston Public School District #1 uses an online registration system. With this registration system, you will be able to see your student’s current enrollment information and make any necessary changes to it.
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