Welcome to the New Rickard Elementary Website

Thank you for visiting the new Rickard website! Here's a quick list of what you need to know about the new website for Rickard:

It's necessary.
District #1 needed to move websites in order to meet the requirements of ADA Compliance (the ability for a website to be accessed by users who have various levels of disabilities).

It's different.
We were given the chance to reorganize the entirety of Williston Public School District #1's websites, which afforded us opportunities for simplification and improvement.

It's changing.
Not everyone has had an opportunity to submit necessary information to the website, meaning some pages are incomplete or not yet active. We ask for your patience as we smooth out all the rough edges.

It's all about you!
We made this new website with parents, students, and community members in mind. We would love your feedback on how the website is running, any Web Accessibility Complaints you might have, and any information you might want added to the site.


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The deadline to order is Friday, September 21st.While this purchase is completely optional, there will be “spirit days” at Rickard where students will be encouraged to dress in Rickard colors. These shirts are extremely helpful on field trips and other events where Rickard Elementary is represented.Parents can also order at: www.spiritandpride.com. Rickard’s School ID number is 3797.
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May 11, 2018Dear Parents, Teachers, Building Occupants, and Employee Organizations:
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Online registration for returning students begins March 22, 2018. Williston Public School District #1 uses an online registration system. With this registration system, you will be able to see your student’s current enrollment information and make any necessary changes to it.
Enabling this option will replace all fonts with the Open Dyslexic font.
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